The Oregon Veterinary Clinic is a Full Service Veterinary practice.  We offer comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care services for companion animals.

Our clinic is equipped with a full service laboratory that allows our doctors to obtain important information within minutes. In-house testing includes full blood chemistries, electrolytes, hematology, blood gasses, clotting times, full urinalysis and fecal exams.

We have a complete radiology department with digital x-rays and digital dental x-rays.  Our ultrasound unit is available for abdominal and cardiac imaging and for early pregnancy diagnosis.

Our surgical staff is well equipped to handle most soft-tissue and orthopedic problems.  Procedures include the following:

  • Spays, neuters
  • Biopsies
  • C-sections
  • Fracture repair (bone plates and pins)
  • Cranial Cruciate (ACL) repair
  • Other joint repair
  • TTA

All surgeries/anesthesias are monitored by both a technician and monitoring equipment that includes pulse oximetry, ECG, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature.

Glaucoma screening is available using our Tonopen.