puppyThere are a number of health concerns with new puppies.  Be sure you feed your puppy dog food formulated for puppies for their first full year.  Do not take a puppy to a dog day care or dog park until it has had all of its 16 week vaccinations.  All puppies should be checked for worms at least once, and we often recommend testing them twice.  Bring a fecal sample to your vaccination appointments for a quick test for parasites.  Fecal samples should be less than two hours old or refrigerated.

If you are not planning on breeding your puppy, you should plan to have him or her spayed or neutered.  Remember that it is best NOT to spay your dog while she is in heat.

You should keep your puppy protected from heartworms after 8 weeks of age.  Vaccinations should be administered at 8, 12, 16 weeks.  After that, they should be administered annually.