The Oregon Veterinary Clinic was founded as a mixed animal practice in 1972 by Dr. Jim Orvick and Dr. Larry Mahr.

In 1999 Dr. Orvick and Dr. Mahr split the large and small animal practices, and the Oregon Veterinary Clinic continued as a small animal practice with Dr. Orvick and Dr. Mark Peters.  After practicing in a small animal clinic in Madison for several years, Dr. Orvick’s wife, Dr. Sara Orvick joined the clinic in 1999.  In May of 2000, Jim and Sara’s youngest daughter, Rachel, and her vet school classmate, Jim Stevenson joined the practice.

On July 1, 2003, Dr. Rachel Orvick and Dr. Jim Stevenson formally purchased the Oregon Veterinary Clinic and remain the current owners.  About the same time Dr. Stevenson’s wife, Molly and Dr. Craig Schley joined the practice.

In 2007, the clinic underwent a total remodel and added on space to enlarge the clinic, and to add space that currently houses a doggie daycare called Hound Huddle.