amyr150fAmy (Practice Manager/CVT) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 2007.  She has two dogs, two cats, 2 degus, 2 turtles, and numerous koi.  She worked at OVC twice – initially as a CVT, then took a few years off to spend with her child.  She returned as the Practice Manager.  Amy enjoys spending time with her family.




jessican150fJessica (Head Technician) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 2000.  She has 1 dog.  Jessica dislikes bees, but she does enjoy running and playing softball.





kimc150fKim C. (Receptionist, Technician) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 1993.  She has 2 dogs (Lily and Joe), and 1 cat (Callie).  She enjoys working with animals and spending time with her grandchildren (Aidan and Connor).







Mary T. started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 2006.  She has 1 male dog, 4 boy cats, and 3 girl cats.  She loves her Granddaughter and Grandson – they’re a hoot and make her Happy!  She enjoys gardening and lawn work.



maryw150fMary W. (Head Receptionist) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 2007.  She has 2 dogs and has always loved and cared for animals.  She’s had pets her whole life – hamsters, gerbils, turtles, a ferret, cats, birds and dogs.  Her favorite way to spend time is going out to dinner and then coming home to relax with her furry children.




alicias150fAlicia (CVT) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 2009.  She has 2 dogs and loves all things related to crafting and designing.  Alicia enjoys camping, tubing and storm chasing.





tiffanyg150fTiffany (CVT) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 2015.  She has 3 dogs, 1 red foot tortoise, and 1 water dragon.  She also enjoys working with dairy cattle, and helps on her boyfriend’s farm with milking and feeding calves.  She enjoys many outdoor activities including kayaking and hiking.




trishj150fTrish (Receptionist) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 1992.  She has 1 dog.  She retired from Oregon Vet Clinic after 20 years, but couldn’t stay away.  “This is a great work place”, she says.   Trish enjoys gardening and working with flowers.





angelab150fAngela (Receptionist) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 2016.  She has 1 Vizsla named Maverick and 1 Weimaraner named Emery.  She has some hidden artistic abilities and has a knack for being able to recreate a picture just by looking at it.  She enjoys annual vacations with her family…especially to Disney World.




courtneyl150fCourtney (Technician) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 2011.  She has 2 cats (Oscar and Milo) and 1 dog (Gunner).  She loves dill pickles and kayaking.






Chris (Technician) started at Oregon Vet Clinic in 2004.  He shares his home with 2 dogs and in his free time, he enjoys cooking and fishing.